Symposium: Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act

The Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act: A Practitioner's View


John A. Chanin


VOL. XVIII • Winter 2000 • NO. 2 (table of contents)

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This article helps to clarify the reader's understanding of issues and concepts relating to UCITA in the midst of legislative drafting efforts to give "birth" to section 2B of the UCITA. Concepts such as the ability to "opt-in" or "out" of the Act, "manifestation of assent," electronic signatures, use of the electronic agent, "mass-market" are fully analyzed and discussed.

This article first attempts to outline the drafting process followed by the UCITA drafting committee. Next, the author lays out the objectives of the drafters of the UCITA as it appears in the Prefatory Notes. The author further moves into the subject of "computer information transactions" and provides his own interpretation of 103 of the UCITA. The article ends with an outline and discussion of the fundamental policies underlying UCITA.

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