Symposium: Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act

Software Engineering and UCITA


Cem Kaner


VOL. XVIII • Winter 2000 • NO. 2 (table of contents)

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This article investigates the software engineering community's direct opposition to UCITA. The author begins by detailing the adverse effect of UCITA on software development and how it will interfere with public interest. Secondly, the author expounds on the rules governing intellectual property and how UCITA would interfere with both users and creators in this field. Thirdly, the author lays out UCITA's rules relating to electronic communication and its uncostly bearings on e-mail. Next, the author explains how UCITA interferes with engineering practices. Furthermore, the author provides a glimpse of UCITA's interference with software engineers and small consulting firms. Lastly, the author a list of disadvantages that UCITA has on small businesses.

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