Symposium: Uniform Computer Information Transaction Act

Making UCITA More Consumer-Friendly


Michael L. Rustad


VOL. XVIII • Winter 2000 • NO. 2 (table of contents)

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In this article, the author supports the enactment of UCITA. In Part II of this article, the author explains why UCITA "simply clarify and modernize" commercial law and should be chosen over Article 2 of UCC. In Part III of the article, the author proposes two amendments to UCITA: 1) Software vendors should be given a minimum standard to follow for its software. According to the author, this would bring more adhesion to consumer transactions. 2) UCITA should be governed by state deceptive trade practice acts. Finally, the author ends by saying that state legislatures would be unable to reach a ground of compromise until the states are willing to fully discuss the issues.

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