Self-Prescribing Medication: Regulating Prescription Drug Sales on the Internet


Kristin Yoo


VOL. XX • Fall 2001 • NO. 1 (table of contents)

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"Online pharmacies, your friendly neighborhood drugstores." The Internet is not only a great telecommunication medium but also a low-cost and convenient commercial marketplace. It is no exception that online pharmacies flourished as a result, but the consequences of such development pose grave danger to the public and great challenges to regulations.

The author discusses the benefits and risk of online pharmacies, the different types of online pharmacies, state governments' involvement in regulating online prescriptions and federal involvements. Despite both state and federal legislations and regulations, proliferation of online pharmacies, established inside and outside of the US, proves to be a daunting task. Hence, the author proposes an International Coalition on Online Pharmacies with focus in coordinating between enforcement policies and initiatives among a variety of federal, state and other foreign entities. The proposal also addresses the challenges of finding violators in a global arena. In the end, the author calls for a more proactive congressional involvement in protecting patients when purchasing drugs online.

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