Trade Secret Reclamation: An Equitable Approach in a Relative World


William L. O'Brien


VOL. XXI • Winter 2003 • NO. 2 (table of contents)

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21 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law 227


The only possible IP protection is a trade secret. However, trade secrets are inadvertently disclosed in investment disclosures or to prospective customers. The article offers a solution to this dilemma by creating emphasis on the continued retention of the secret, even though confidentiality of it could have been dissipating.

Author Footnote:

William L. O'Brien is a May 2003 candidate for an LL.M. degree in Intellectual Property, Commerce and Technology at Franklin Pierce Law Center in Concord, New Hampshire. He is Vice President and General Counsel at Availant, Incorporated of Waltham, Massachusetts. E-mail:

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