The E-Vote: A Proposal for an Interactive Federal Government


Colette Luchetta-Stendel


VOL. XVII • Summer 1999 • NO. 4 (table of contents)

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This comment suggests that individual United States citizens deserve a chance to propose legislature directly to the legislature; additionally, individuals should be permitted to vote on federal legislation before the President enacts it. The comment proposes that there be a popular electronic vote on all federal legislation. It discusses the history behind this proposition, including the Constitution, the legislature, and the history of elections and voting in the United States. Additionally, it discusses the media's influence on elections, the principles of direct democracy, and the evolution of the Internet.

The comment details the ways this proposition would benefit the current system of voting and legislation in the United States. U.S. citizens are dissatisfied with this system, so this comment proposes a change that would create more involvement by U.S. citizens in the legislative process. The proposal would enable citizens to not only communicate more efficiently with the legislature, it would also help remedy the public's disillusionment with the government because it would give the people the power to bring about change themselves. The comment additionally deals with potential problems which may arise should such a proposition be enacted. This change may violate the Guarantee Clause of the Constitution; additionally, it may violate the Separation of Powers doctrine of the Constitution.

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