International Internet Regulation: A Multinational Approach


Steven M. Hanley


VOL. XVI • Summer 1998 • NO. 4 (table of contents)

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16 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law 997


A multinational approach should be applied to Internet regulation. Many countries are concerned about the information that their citizens are exposed to over the Internet. Proponents of international regulation of the Internet claim that two problems must be confronted. First, each country has a different standard of tolerance to egregious information making international regulation difficult. Second, the nature of the Internet does not lend itself to the application of conventional methods of jurisdiction over violators.

Certain countries are focusing on regulating Internet information. However, these countries use different methods of Internet regulation. As a result of these differences, Internet regulation must be applied on a multinational level. Furthermore, all countries connected to the Internet must form an international committee to implement a regulatory system. This system would allow nations to exercise varying degrees of regulation over the Internet while maintaining sovereignty.

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