Litigating at the Boundaries


Keith G. Chval


VOL. XXV • Symposium Issue • NO. 4 (table of contents)

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25 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law 609


This article details some of the real world challenges facing the legal processes in the United States as information storage and retrieval technology outstrips legal procedures for dealing with these processes. Describing a “perfect storm” of litigation needs, technology and information concerns, he describes the continuing stumbling blocks in dealing effectively with an information world which is becoming increasingly digital, on more consumer devices that may make the protection and discovery of such information increasingly problematic.

Author Footnote:

Keith Chval is the co-founder of Protek International, Inc., a practicing attorney with the law firm of Connolly, Ekl & Williams P.C., where he leads the firm's technology-related practice area, and an adjunct professor at The John Marshall Law School. Mr. Chval conceptualized, created, and supervised one of the nation's pioneering high tech crime units at the Illinois Attorney General's Office. Mr. Chval's courses at John Marshall include information technology, privacy law, economic espionage, cyber crime, electronic discovery, digital evidence, computer forensics, and information warfare. He has a J.D. from IIT Chicago Kent College of Law and a B.S. from Indiana University.

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