VOL. XX • Summer 2002 • NO. 4

Cite as: 20 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Cybersurgery: Innovation or a Means to Close Community Hospitals and Displace Physicians?

Thomas R. McLean, MD, JD, FACS, Esq.

Does What Works For “.com” Also Work For “.cn”?: Comparative Study of Anti-Cybersquatting Legal Systems in the United States and China

Fang Fang & Jiarui Liu


A Digital Free Trade Zone and Necessarily-Regulated Self-Governance for Electronic Commerce: The World Trade Organization, International Law, and Classical Liberalism in Cyberspace

Kristi L. Bergemann

Vietnam’s Antitrust Legislation and Subscription to E-ASEAN: An End to the Bamboo Firewall Over Internet Regulation

Robert Neil Wilkey