VOL. XIX • Fall 2000 • NO. 1

Cite as: 19 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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The Case for a US Privacy Commissioner: A Canadian Commissionerís Perspective

William S. Challis & Dr. Ann Cavoukian

Regulating the Free Flow of Information: a Privacy Czar as the Ultimate Big Brother

Jonathan M. Winer

Recent Developments in Private Sector Personal Data Protection in Australia: Will There Be an Upside Down Under

Paul Kelly

Protecting Individual On-Line Privacy Rights: Making the Case for a Separately Dedicated, Independent Regulatory Agency

Jack Karnes

The De Facto Federal Privacy Commission

Steven Hetcher

Pornography, Privacy, and Digital Self-Help

Tom W. Bell

Toward an Architecture for the Virtual World

Paul Toscano

The Establishment Of A U.S. Federal Data Protection Agency To Define and Regulate Internet Privacy and Its Impact on US-China Relations: Marco Polo, Where are you?

Omar Saleem

Book Review

Database Nation: Does Information Technology of the 21st Century Pose a Daunting Threat to Personal Privacy in America

Robert S. Gurwin

2000 John Marshall National Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law

Whether the Information Disseminated by the Defendant Invaded the Plaintiffís Privacy as Defined by the Restatement (Second) of Torts Governing Public Disclosure of Private Facts and Whether Defendantís Use of Cookie Technology to gather the Information Displayed About the Plaintiff Constituted an Invasion of Her Privacy

Robert S. Gurwin & Nicole D. Milos

Brief for the Petitioner

Levin College of Law, University of Florida

Brief for the Respondent

South Texas College of Law