VOL. XVII • Winter 1999 • NO. 2

Cite as: 17 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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The Role of Patent Law in Poland's Trasitioning Science and Technology Policy, and a Comparison with the Patent Laws of the United States

Edward H. Sikorski

Computers and the Discovery of Evidence: A New Dimension to Civil Procedure

Mark D. Robins

How Can Whelan v. Jaslow and Lotus v. Borland Both be Right? Reexamining the Economics of Computer Software Reuse

Michael Risch


Issued Patents and the Standard of Proof: Evidence Clear and Convincing or Merely Ponderous

David W. Okey

Congress Must Learn to Surf the Internet if it Ever Wants to Catch the Next Wave of Securities Fraud

Ted A. Smith

CD-ROM Briefs: Must Today's High Tech Lawyers Wait Until the Playing Field Is Level?

Joanne M. Snow

1998 John Marshall National Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law

Bench Memorandum: Whether the Monitoring and Recording of a Voice Mail Message in the Work Place Constitutes a Violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act or an Invasion of Privacy

George B. Trubow, Mark A. Herrick & Laura McFarland-Taylor

Brief for the Petitioner

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Brief for the Respondent

Hastings College of Law