VOL. XVII • Spring 1999 • NO. 3

Cite as: 17 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Symposium: Digital Signature and Electronic Document Verification Articles


Robert Gilbert Johnston

Moving with Change: Electronic Signature Legislation as a Vehicle for Advancing E-Commerce

Thomas Smedinghoff and Ruth Hill Bro

Electronic Document Certification: A Primer on the Technology Behind Digital Signatures

David L. Gripman

Book Versus Byte: The Prospects and Desirability of a Paperless Society

Charles N. Faerber

Document Authentication in Electronic Commerce: The Misleading Notary Public Analog for the Digital Signature Certification Authority

John C. Anderson & Michael L. Closen

The Utah Digital Signature Act As "Model" Legislation: A Critical Analysis

R. Jason Richards

Potential Liability under the Illinois Electronic Commerce Security Act: Is It a Risk Worth Taking?

Stephen G. Myers

The Regulation of the Internet Encryption Technologies: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Kurt M. Saunders

The Liability of Certification Authorities to Relying Third Parties

Michael J. Osty & Michael Pulcanio

Digital Signatures, the Electronic Economy and the Protection of National Security: Some Distinctions with an Economic Difference

Raneta Lawson Mack

A Proposed Code of Professional Responsibility for Certification Authorities

Dina Athanasopoulos & Marilynn J. Dye

Annotated Bibliography

The Law of Electronic Commerce and Digital Signatures: An Annotated Bibliography

John R. Austin