VOL. XV • Fall 1996 • NO. 1

Cite as: 15 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Symposium: Reflections on Computer Technology & the Law


George B. Trubow

A Functional Approach to Information Upon the Convergence of Communication and Information Processing

Roy N. Freed

The Invention and Future of the Computer

Lee Loevinger

A Cyberspace Perspective

Allocating the Risk of Loss for Bank Card Fraud on the Internet

Randy Gainer

It's 1996: Do You Know Where Your Cyberkids Are? Captive Audiences and Content Regulation on the Internet

Dawn L. Johnson


1996 Computers and Telecommunications Law Update New Developments: Asia-Pacific

Fred Chilton, Emma Moloney & Simon Cant

The Protection of Information Technology in a Culturally Diverse Marketplace

Doris E. Long

Copying to Compete: The Tension Between Copyright Protection & Antitrust Policy in Recent Non-Literal Computer Program Copyright Infringement Cases

Mark L. Gordon