VOL. XV • Winter 1997 • NO. 2

Cite as: 15 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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A Cyberspace Perspective

Eggs in Baskets: Distributing the Risks of Electronic Signatures

Benjamin Wright

Taxation of Internet Commerce: Should the Mail Order Industry Serve as a Model

Steven J. Forte


Using the DNA Profile as the Unique Patient Identifier

Lisa L. Dahm

Finding the Nexus Between Trademarks and Internet Domain Names

G. Peter Albert

Patent Act v. Lanham Act: How Might the Supreme Court Rule on the Tenth Circuit's Decision in Vornado Air Circulation Sys., Inc. v. Duracraft Corp.

Manotti L. Jenkins


The Scientological Defenestration of Choice-of-Law Doctrines for Publication Torts on the Internet

Christopher P. Beall

Keeping Business Out of the Bedroom: Protecting Personal Privacy Interests from the Retail World

David J. Klein