VOL. XV • Spring 1997 • NO. 3

Cite as: 15 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Domain Name Symposium


Steven E. Marshall

Blackhole in Cyberspace: The Legal Void in the Internet

Alexander Gigante

Remedies in Domain Name Lawsuits: How Is a Domain Name Like a Cow?

Carl Oppedahl

A Primer on Trademark Law and Internet Addresses

David J. Loundy

An Island in the Net: Domain Naming and English Administrative Law

Mark Gould


Orderly Expansion of the International Top-Level Domains: Concurrent Trademark Users Need a Way Out of the Internet Trademark Quagmire

David B. Nash

The Federal Government Giveth and Taketh Away: How NSI's Domain Name Dispute Policy (Revision 02) Usurps a Domain Name Owner's Fifth Amendment Procedural Due Process

Steven A. McAuley

1996 John Marshall National Moot Court Competition in Information and Privacy Law

Revocation of an Internet Domain Name for Violations of "Netiquette": Contractual and Constitutional Implications -- Bench Memorandum

David E. Sorkin

Brief for the Petitioner

University of Texas

Brief for the Respondent

Cleveland State University