VOL. XIV • Winter 1996 • NO. 2

Cite as: 14 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Electronic Contracting: Legal Issues

Raymond T. Nimmer

Commerce on the Net: Surfing Through Cyberspace Without Getting Wet

Diana JP McKenzie

A European Perspective

Christopher Millard & Robert Carolina


The High Price of a Cashless Society: Exchanging Privacy Rights for Digital Cash

Catherine M. Downey

Cryptography and the First Amendment: The Right to be Unheard

Phillip E. Reiman

Don't Shoot the Messenger: Protecting Speech on Editorially Controlled Bulletin Board Services by Applying Sullivan Malice

Iris Ferosie

Patent Reexamination and the PTO: Compton's Patent Invalidated at the Commissioner's Request

Terri Suzette Hughes