VOL. XII • October 1993 • NO. 3

Cite as: 12 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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The Best Mode Requirement in United States Patent Practice in 1993

Kenneth R. Adamo

Recent Developments in Computer Law: An Update

Bradley J. Hulbert

Security Requirements And Evidentiary Issues In The Interchange Of Electronic Documents: Steps Toward Developing A Security Policy

Peter N. Weiss


The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act: A New Perspective: Let the Punishment Fit the Damage

Joseph P. Daly

The Impact of NAFTA on the United States Computer Industry: Why Trade Reforms Will Spark Increased Exports to Mexico

Michelle A. Kaiser

An Analysis That is Not "Ad Hoc": The Bifurcated Uniform Analysis That The Federal Courts Should Follow to Determine Computer Program Copyright Non-literal Infringement

Michael J. Bendel