VOL. XXV • Spring 2008 • NO. 2

Cite as: 25 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law

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Internet Infrastructure and Online Alternative Dispute Resolution

Haitham A. Haloush

All or Nothing: This is the Question? The Application of Artible 3(2) Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC to the Internet

Rebecca Wong and Joseph Savirimuthu


Dancing in the Rain: Who is Your Partner in the Corporate Boardroom?

Hon. Maureen Duffy-Lewis and Daniel B. Garrie


Safety vs. Security: How Broad but Selective Public Access to Environmental Data Properly Balances Communities' Safety and Homeland Security

Brad C. Schweiger

The Twenty-Sixth Annual John Marshall International Moot Court Competition in Information Technology and Privacy Law

Bench Memorandum

Leslie Ann Reis, David E. Sorkin, Panagiota Kelali, Jessica Diehl, Carlos A. Encinas, Matthew Hector, Gina Spada, Steven Tseng, and Priya Krishnamoorthy Venkat

Brief for the Petitioner

Joshua Deitz, Kakuti Lin, and Lindsey Shinn

Brief for the Respondent

Stacy Appleton, Adam Butkus, and Nick Mutton