2010 John Marshall Law School International Moot COurt COmpetition In Information Technology And Privacy Law

Summary of Bench Memorandum


Erin Murphy-Hillstrom, Whitney Hutchinson, Efthymios Katsarelis, Amber Lynn Wagner, Panagiota Kelali


VOL. XXVIII • Fall 2010 • NO. 1 (table of contents)

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28 John Marshall J. of Comp. & Info. Law 81


Petitioner, Aaron Murphy, appeals to the Marshall Supreme Court from a decision affirming the grant of summary judgment in favor of Respondent, MarshCODE, on his claims of defamation, false light invasion of privacy, and breach of contract. Thus, there are now three issues before the Marshall Supreme Court. The first two issues concern whether an individual can maintain an action of defamation and false light invasion of privacy when the false statement arose because of a computer malfunction. The last issue concerns whether the unilateral modification of a privacy agreement constitutes a breach of contract when assent to the modification requires no affirmative act of the other party.

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